New BFU Site and Theme

What’s been happening here for the last couple of months? Well, before I could start working on the theme for the new BFU site, I had to get the infrastructure set up. That consisted of spinning up a couple of Linux servers, currently in datacenters on the West and South coasts of the US, installing and optimizing web server and database software, writing some custom rules to stop crackers, script kiddies and spammers in their tracks, and configuring a couple of multi-site installations of WordPress to reduce the overhead of managing all the sites I have to take care of, in addition to this one.

Since today’s a holiday, I took the opportunity to put together the first version of the new BFU site theme and create a few pages to establish the structure of the site. The BFU logo is unchanged and features our good ol’ DHC-2 Beaver in BFU colors. The mountain scenery in the site header is from a bush flight I went on around Misty Fjords National Monument near Ketchikan, AK a few years ago. Of course, we flew in a Beaver.

I guess that’s it for now. Happy 4th!

2 thoughts on “New BFU Site and Theme

  1. Greetings,

    Have loved BFU flying for years, when the AVSIM link when dead – lost all contact with scenery and
    aircraft for BFU… was a great site. Do wish you well. BTW: Garry has done a few BFU repaints
    at our web site or sites at Take care. Thanks for restarting up BFU!

    Ed Moore

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